Welcome to Wellness Center. This section contains a compilation of audio recordings of meditations utilizing Guided Imagery as well as Affirmations to assist in enhancing an overall sense of well-being. This body of work is not a substitute for proper medical care nor does it serve as diagnosis.  I hope that you enjoy these audio recordings as much as I enjoyed making them. Kindly share with loved ones. Thank you and Blessings.

"Welcome To Wellness Center" Audio

"The Alignment Breath"

"Creating Your Place of Peace"

"Appreciation: Good Morning Life"

Below are suggestions to prepare for sleep followed by the corresponding meditation.   These are suggestions to establish a new routine before going to sleep, followed by the meditation titled: "Good Night: Reviewing the day with gratitude and preparing for slumber"

Suggestions to prepare for sleep.

"Good Night: Reviewing the day with gratitude and preparing for slumber"

"Right Here, Right Now" affirmations

"Loving and Easing the Martyr"

"Flowing in the Stream of Everlasting Love"

This exercise is great when you feel you want an answer to a question, a peaceful resolution to a conflict, when you feel you want additional inspiration and ideas to right action, or just want to relax and connect with the larger part of you that feels great, just for the pure joy of aligning to that larger part of you.

"Nurturing Trust"

This meditation is excellent to enhance feelings of trust and relaxation when facing challenging times. This meditation also enhances feelings of safety.