The Money Coaching Process

Compassionate Awareness + Conscious Action = Desired Transformation

Money Coaching is a unique step-by-step process that assists the client become aware of their own unconscious behaviors, beliefs and emotions around money. About 90% of our patterns and behaviors are derived from the subconscious. Our unconscious behaviors around money determine our experience of it. Understanding what these patterns are and how they came to be is important in the creation of a new money experience. Compassionate awareness is the springboard to personal change and transformation. Money Coaching is a dynamic process that facilitates the exploration, discovery, and subsequent effective action plan to transform individual money paradigms into a desired state.

Benefits of Money Coaching

The benefits of Money Coaching are manifold:

  • It helps you become more aware of your unconscious behaviors and patterns around money that are hardwired in your subconscious. If you cannot name it, you cannot change it. Money coaching helps you to identify these limiting behaviors.
  • It helps you, through deeper awareness, unravel and gain further insight into the core issues stemming from these limiting patterns, and how you may be unconsciously modeling one or both parents.
  • It assists you to identify what your money types are and how they actively or passively affect your present money choices.
  • Based on the above, the process then focuses on solution driven techniques to support you in changing the old limiting patterns and to proactively create and integrate new empowering behaviors.
  • A customized action plan is collaboratively created by providing practical, simple tools to act on that both meets your needs and desired goal.
  • Change takes time and sometimes it can be more challenging when done alone. A Money Coach is your guide, cheerleader and accountability partner.
  • The accountability aspect is essential as change takes time, discipline and determination. Accountability helps you keep focused and on track.
  • With the above, you can experience a more balanced, fulfilling relationship with money as well as a more peaceful, joyous and prosperous life.

Phases of Money Coaching

Phase I - The Four-Step Core Process:

The Four-Step Core Process is four weeks long, and it starts with your Money Biography with the intention to unravel and understand how you are hardwired around money. The first years of your money history and experience shape your attitudes, beliefs and patterns of behavior later in life. Many of these patterns are unconscious. By reviewing your Money Biography we start exploring and unraveling the hidden aspects behind these patterns.

This is followed by Mother-Father Mirror exercise to further understand the origin of the attitudes and beliefs inherited and to get a better perspective and sense of your money behavioral tendencies.

The third step is identifying and understanding your Money Types and how actively or passively they influence your present situation. Being aware of which Money Types are active in your present situation, helps you understand what is behind your money choices. This part of the process also identifies which Money Type can help you regain a balanced, more powerful state, which is the desired state.

The final and fourth step is your life inventory of skills, talents, gifts that you bring to this world. These are creatively utilized to create and support the Action Plan that assists you in moving forward and create the desired state.

Phase II - The Action Plan:

Based on the previous Four-Step Core Process, we design a customized action plan to follow. Awareness supported by an Action Plan, is a powerful transformative process. The action plan is designed by pulling in your natural unique resources and adding additional tools to keep you focused, motivated and on track. This exciting part of the process is the design and implementation of the new structure for change. Change takes time, discipline, desire and determination. Success can be achieved by following an action plan that suits you and that you feel comfortable and good with.

Phase III - Follow-up and Accountability:

Accountability is designed to keep you on target in achieving and creating a new money reality. The accountability phase requires additional sessions, which are booked on a retainer basis. It is suggested to book minimum two sessions, either weekly or bi-weekly to harness new behaviors.

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