About Enid

Enid Martinez is a Certified Money Coach and Spiritual Counselor. She is also a former International Private Banker. Enid skillfully integrates these disciplines into powerful tools to help others build more fulfilling lives.

Enid effectively guides and assists others, through practical and simple ways, to become more aware about their relationship to money and themselves. Most importantly, she assists and guides others from a place of compassion and non-judgment, to make changes in their lives and money behaviors. Compassionate awareness followed by conscious action is transformative, and she guides others to tap into their inner resources and wisdom to actively live the lives they dream of and to experience and enjoy financial freedom.

Enid received her certification from The Money Coaching Institute, an organization located in Novato, California that specializes in providing training to coaches, financial advisers, and therapists that want to incorporate money coaching in their practices. She also has a MBA in Finance from Rutgers University.

Through her Money Coaching services, Enid uniquely and skillfully combines tools and steps to help others recognize and transform unconscious beliefs, attitudes, and patterns that negatively affect their money behaviors. Her passion is to guide and assist others to realize their highest potential.

What is a Certified Money Coach?

Money Coaching is a professional coaching program that combines psychological principles with practical guidance and tools to assist clients become more aware, identify and change their core money challenges.

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