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Are You Ready to Commit to Financial Independence?

We are all experiencing a time of change requiring us to adapt and reinvent ourselves in many areas of our lives. Being women, we have unique challenges with career, families, finances and finding the time and resources to nurture ourselves. It all starts with ourselves, but where to begin? And how much time and effort will it take?

Ask yourself these questions: Do you want to have a happy, stable relationship to money? Do you want to feel more at peace and secure about money? Do you want to start shifting your blocks about money and start experiencing more financial flow? If the answer is YES to any of these questions, then the time is NOW for you to begin your journey towards solidifying self-love and financial independence.

“My Little Money Pocketbook” is a compilation of various guided meditations and practical suggestions just for women, that are easy to apply on a daily basis. These fun techniques are intended to:

  • enhance your relationship with money.
  • enhance your relationship with yourself.
  • open the gates of abundance in simple ways.
  • change your limiting attitudes and beliefs about money.
  • nurture your own creative dynamics in shifting your inner state in a fun, positive way for your money experience.

These techniques are:

  • Simple
  • Practical
  • Powerful
  • Fun
  • Easy to remember
  • Easy to apply

Are you ready now to start changing your money experience? Start Right NOW!


“My Little Money Pocketbook” manual: This PDF booklet contains 7 fun techniques to immediately apply and start changing your money experience.

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Fee: $10.00 - Pocketbook manual(PDF) only

“My Little Money Pocketbook” Audio Recordings: These are the audio recordings only of the techniques, including the introduction and concise narration of the booklet.

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Fee: $15.00 - Audio recordings(MP3's) only

I want to buy BOTH the recordings of all guided meditations and the booklet itself to strengthen my collection!

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Fee: $20.00 - Both the pocketbook(PDF) and the audio recording files(MP3's)

These are wonderful gifts to give to women you love and respect, whom you would like to join the movement of self-transformation and financial independence. Simple start to a new journey.

You may also enjoy the Wellness Center page, which includes FREE recordings of guided imagery, affirmations and meditations on various topics. These recordings are meant to enhance overall sense of well being.

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