Individual Coaching

In this four weeks initial Four-Step Core process we identify and gain deeper insight about your unconscious beliefs and behaviors around money. Through a series of exercises we explore and uncover key issues that affect in a limiting way your present experience with money.

This process includes identifying key points of interest by reviewing your money history, your attitudes, conclusions, beliefs and patterns around money. We then proceed to assess in what ways some of these patterns and attitudes are inherited from or are mirroring your family of origin.

This is followed by identifying what money archetypes are influencing your current choices about money and how they are impacting your present financial situation. Once we obtain a clear assessment of what your current money dynamics is, we then proceed to gather resources, including but not limited to your skills, talents and gifts to create the Action Plan Phase.

The Action Plan: During this phase, we draft your Action Plan to follow and consciously make the needed changes. We set the structure and blueprint to implement in a way that is comfortable for you to follow.

Accountability and Follow-Through Phase: Change takes time, patience, focus, discipline and determination. Your level of success depends on your willingness and commitment to see your transformation through. As issues arise we can work together to address them with practical steps. During this phase, I can assist to steer the course of action by providing the supportive guidance and skillset for your success.

My intention is to facilitate change toward the desired goal and to help you breakthrough the old patterns and establish new empowering habits and behaviors that are balanced and fulfilling.

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