I am thankful for your money coaching program. I understand and am more clear about where my beliefs about money came from and can respectfully release those which do not serve me as I move forward in my life. I appreciate your insight and guidance in how to allow myself to feel good about my own decisions of the path I choose for me at this time. Life is always changing, but I feel I have gained more knowledge of who I am, what serves me, and how to enjoy life through your money coaching program.
Thank you for sharing your gift with me!
LN, California,
Enid identified my money issues accurately and deeply, revealing many layers of beliefs and behaviors that have kept me stuck in patterns of lack. Through advice, assignments and encouragement, I have been able to begin making progress and move forward towards prosperity and success. Enid is authentic and her enthusiasm for your growth and success is contagious. I highly recommend her to anyone who is ready to know their value in all areas of their life and wants to start making positive changes come true.
D. R.—Laurence Harbor, NJ,
I found Enid’s Money Coaching Process practical, creative and highly effective. Uncovering my primary limiting beliefs around finances and looking at those beliefs through the lens of archetypes has helped me develop powerful new ways of relating to how to create wealth and set financial goals. Accountability has shifted from being a burden to an exciting adventure; it’s helping me create appropriate behaviors and actions unique to my financial situation. An alternative to (as well as complementary) traditional financial planning approaches, this process is FUN, enlightening, productive and an affordable, worthwhile investment in my financial future.
V.H., New Jersey,
I heard Enid Martinez speak at a Wellness conference and was immediately engaged by her passion, authenticity, and a rich mixture in total belief in what she was conveying and using very effective inflection and body language to get her point across.
I then hired to consult with me on my money management patterns that could be deep rooted from childhood with the intention of trying to go forward with stronger tools to thrive financially and professionally. We embarked on one of the most meaningful growth experiences of my life, one in which Enid offered sage advice, on the spot intuitive visualization exercises and a ongoing radiation to me that I was not only her client, but her purpose. In that process besides identifying strengths and areas I need to improve, she helped me see truths that can help me take great leaps going forward.
She will be an amazing asset to your personal or business life if you hire her. I would be happy to elaborate on what she brings to the table if contacted.
B.L., New Jersey,