Abundance Coins

Pennies, pennies, pennies...., Abundance?

When you see a penny on the street or a public place, what do you think and/or feel at first? Do you feel a bit interested in picking it up?  If you do, do you hold back or follow through with the intention?  If you hold back from picking it up, what are the thoughts and/or feelings?

Whatever you choose to do, it would be interesting to be aware of your inner state at the time, because it may reflect judgments and/or beliefs you may have about the action itself.  There is no right or wrong choice, there is only a reflection at that particular moment of how you feel about it.  What if it was a nickel, dime, quarter? Would it matter?  What if it was a larger amount, would your reaction be different?

Personally, I pick it up and thank the Universe for a demonstration of abundance as small as it may seem.  It is the attitude of gratitude that keeps our options open to continue receiving abundant flow. That penny is an expression of money that is shown on your path.  I suggest that you pick it up and say ‘Thank you for this expression of abundance, I open to receive with gratitude more demonstrations and higher expressions of this abundance”.

Next time you see any form of money on the street, pay attention to your thoughts reactions and actions, they may reveal an attitude about money that you may be holding.  Conscious awareness helps us see where we stand on a particular subject or experience. Whatever your attitude, remember, you can always change it if you want to.

Enid Martinez

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