I have heard many times throughout my life the expression “money is the root of all evil”, then I heard that it is not money per say that is the root of all evil, but “the love of money”.  It is my belief that it is neither.  Money, like everything in life, is energy first and foremost.  As energy, money is flowing and available constantly. What we think and feel about money (much learned from our ancestors and life experiences) affects how much of it we have as well as the quality of life we experience when we have it, i.e., are we enjoying it?  Some people who have money cannot seem to fully enjoy it, therefore money does not necessarily guarantee joy.  Money is an instrument of exchange through which we can acquire things and services.

Money meets our basic needs for food, shelter and clothing as well as our strongest desires, hence covering a whole spectrum of needs and wants.  We are wired for desire (the instinctive part of our brain).  We are constantly dreaming something new or wanting more whether big ticket items or new experiences that brings satisfaction and joy.  That is what makes money important in people’s lives.  There is nothing wrong in loving money, as long as we do not love it above ourselves.  Any time we place our power in anything outside of ourselves, including but not limited to money, we are practicing, consciously or unconsciously an expression of lack, and we leak our power and life force to that which we decide has the power.

You must love yourself first and foremost before loving anything outside of you.  I do not personally believe in a root of all evil, however, the belief in and practice of lack may affect our quality of life. By lack I am referring to feelings of unworthiness, chronic “not-enoughness” and other limiting thoughts and beliefs about self and life in general.  Our conclusions about our experiences and how we feel about ourselves mostly influence the quality of our lives.

This is indeed an abundant universe, always flowing life force and wellbeing.  We are active participants of our experiences.  Even if something happens beyond our control, we can choose and consciously shift how we ultimately want to feel about it.  If you have chronic tendencies of thinking that bad things are always happening to you, you may experience more of these bad things.  This is due to the unchangeable law of attraction that basically states that “we attract whatever we choose to give our attention to- whether wanted or unwanted”, basically “like attracts like”.   So if you chronically focus on what you do not want, the likelihood of it happening may increase.  Choose instead to focus on and nurture thoughts and actions that are congruent with what you want to create and experience.  This is a much more fun way to live your life.

Choices – embodying the new you

We have choices on how we want to feel and act when challenged by situations.  What we think and believe at any moment matters.  A belief is a thought that we keep having, it’s like a cassette recording that keeps playing in our heads.  The more we run it, the more likely we will experience it (self-fulfilling prophecy).  The most wonderful thing about this is that we can make a conscious choice to change gears and start by loving ourselves where we are (self-acceptance) and then taking steps, even the tiniest of them in the direction we want.  Nothing is written in stone, we decide how we want our script to be at any moment.  We can edit our lives.  Love yourself enough to ask, what do I really want?   Then start taking deliberate steps to move in the new direction.  Create a new mental recording.  With repetition of the new, the old loses its grip.  Take consistent action steps that are congruent with the new beliefs that you are nurturing.  This is what I call embodying the new you.

Suggestions when making changes of any type –

  • Decide what you want.
  • Place most of your attention into what you want and nurture that through your actions.
  • Enhance feelings and thoughts that support and shape the new direction instead of thinking about what you do not want and spending time and energy erasing it.  It takes too much effort some times in “fixing” something old. Energy is best spent in nurturing something new and committing to it.
  • While you build the new roads and highways in your life, remember to stop belittling yourself, let go of your old limiting beliefs through the exercise of self-love, self-acceptance, self-appreciation, self-compassion.
  • Do things that you enjoy, especially simple things that nurture your spirit and/or enhance feelings of wellbeing.  Engage in joyful activities.

How does this apply to money–

If you are completely content with where you are with money, then there is nothing to change.

If you want to experience more of it or already have lots of money, but can’t seem to fully embrace it and/or enjoy it, then start changing your inner script, followed by conscious action.

  • Make a list of feelings/thoughts that you presently have about money that keep it from being a joyful element in your life (call this your old list). This is just to have awareness and clarity about how you honestly feel and think, and what has kept you in a limiting place.
  • Make a separate list of how you want your relationship with money to be like, call this My New Money Script.
  • Read your new money script every day, and familiarize yourself with it. Focus on this new one, throw away the old list.
  • Allow yourself to feel what is like to experience your new money script.
  • Begin taking steps that support your new money script.


It all comes down to how you want to live your “money-life”.  But remember, everything in life responds to how you feel about yourself.  It all starts with your relationship with yourself.  Ask yourself “am I stopping the flow of self-love?”.  "If so, how?" and then start loving yourself.  That, my friend is the key and where the true power is. You are worth it.

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