When we think about the evolution of money, from barter trade, to coins, to paper, to plastic and presently as digital money is transferred in sequences of 1’s and 0’s, it makes us wonder how will money continue to evolve. The concept of cryptography and bitcoins is being introduced into the money world as a possible next step in money’s evolution.

Will coins disappear? Will paper money disappear? It is likely, but for now, let us just say that in the world of digital money and online banking and transactions, coins are still very much my friends.

Coins can be cumbersome, they can make our purses and pockets feel heavy after a while. I know some people who do not like to carry coins around, they consider them a nuisance. I understand, but my experiences with coins is still on friendly terms. I accumulate and save coins that I just stash away in containers. I just throw excess coins there, especially when I clean my purse and pockets.

The other day, I decided to clear the containers and organize the coins so that I can exchange them for dollar bills. Because this job is time consuming, I decided to enlist my 81- year-old dad to do the task. Thankfully, he was up for it. On a side note he looked really cute patiently making rolls of money. To my pleasant surprise, I had accumulated $295.00, and I still have one more container to clear, so I am guessing I’ll have a total of minimum $340.00 after the project is done. It may not sound to many as much but if you think about this way of saving money, this could be, at the end of the year, a good portion of Holiday Gifts budget, or it could really help with college expenses at the beginning of the Spring semester. Money is money, and it comes handy at any moment.

Coins are also very helpful when we need change in a cash based transaction, after all, as long as cents are part of the value of a transaction, coins are very helpful. My suggestion to you? Whenever you have any extra coins, or clean your purse and pockets, just throw them in a designated container, you never know what pleasant surprise you might get at the end of the year.

Until we completely go paperless and devoid of coins, I will still honor and love my coins.

Enid Martinez, Certified Money Coach

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