Exercising your Freedom to Choose about Money

Money is energy. Money is a shape shifter; it has evolved throughout history into many different forms and shapes, reflecting humanity’s needs and wants.  Money is a medium of exchange as expressed through many forms:  from barter, to coins, to paper, to plastic, to virtual.  With the touch of a button, billions of dollars and other currencies are exchanged on a daily basis reflecting human’s expectations, emotions, thoughts and beliefs.

What do you believe about money? What is your present relationship with this medium of exchange? Whatever you think and feel about money, not only contributes to your own physical experience of it, but to the collective human experience as well.  At any time, you may choose to consciously change the way you believe and feel about money and start shaping your relationship with this energy in a direction that feels more empowering to you.

You are never really stuck, unless you choose to hold on to present beliefs that have you re-living the same experience. At any point, you can choose again, you can start engaging different beliefs and behaviors meant to transform the present condition into one of expansion, new possibilities, new potentials, new empowering experiences.

The trans-formative process starts with awareness of where you are presently, loving yourself at each moment.   Based on this awareness, you may choose new possibilities and options, and with compassion, take the steps to a better feeling state and to be more in alignment with the new conditions you want to create.

The vital point to any transformation is awareness without judgment, setting a new desired state, and loving and appreciating yourself through the process of change.

Money coaching provides guidance and assistance in lighting the path to a new direction. Money coaching is a process whereby you are supported throughout the creation of the new state. The choice has always been yours to make, for you are free to choose at every moment what you want to create, what you want to experience and then align the resources to realize your new desires. The question remains do you want to change your relationship to money, and if so, what type of relationship would you like to nurture into a new reality?

Enid Martinez

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